Can you carpet just stairs?

Installing carpets on stairs is a fairly quick job for straight stairs without landings.


work great on stairs, providing soft, fluffy comfort underfoot. Whether you want to make a design statement, prefer a neutral, sober look, or if you've opted for a grey stair rug instead of a printed stair rug, we have stylish suggestions to suit every interior style and budget. And don't forget that you can find the perfect staircase rug from the exclusive House Beautiful collection at Carpetright for a practical and sturdy design.

This is a reference sheet with some of the main considerations for material, construction, density index and more to find the best carpet for stairs that balances safety needs and your ideas of style. The carpet density classification by height takes into account a combination of the thickness of the fiber and the firmness with which the threads are woven. Center the carpet so that there are equal amounts of wood on each side, and then press it against the first adhesive strip (on the bottom of the tread), using a carpet punch for a clean appearance between the underside of the riser and the floor. Some manufacturers offer marbled tones, subtle blends of complementary colors that camouflage dirt more easily than monochrome carpets.

Place the front of a knee brace (a professional carpet tool that can be rented at a local hardware store) about two to three inches away from the second lift, then shake it with your knee to squeeze the rug along the edges. If you want Hollywood-style rugs, you'll need a little more length to have enough slack to fully hold the rug; add an inch for each nose and at least an additional 18 inches of spare. Stairs that change width from top to bottom are usually easier to cover with full carpets than with a corridor, which may need to be tailor-made to adapt to the changing width. Implement a pattern in your home with an eye-catching rug, such as this hand-woven fabric by Jennifer Manners.

Instead, to ensure maximum durability, ask for specific recommendations for stairs or even for “industrial grade” carpets, which is the type of carpet used in public spaces, such as theaters and restaurants. I have laminate and vinyl all over the house, but the stairs are made of painted wood and I'm thinking of buying a rug just for the stairs. When you finally reach the upper riser, fold the top edge of the rug over itself and staple it just below the edge that protrudes from the floor. You can also place a rug on the stairs, leaving the sides of each step exposed for aesthetic reasons.

If you already have hardwood at the top and bottom of the stairs, a fully carpeted staircase may look out of place.

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