What is the best colour carpet to have?

Choose whites, beiges, creams or even light shades of green or pink if you are looking for a fresh and clean environment. However, be careful if you want to install a light-colored carpet in a busy area, since dirt is more difficult to hide, look for products that are resistant to stains and easy to clean if it gets dirty. Starting with perhaps the most popular option, and for good reason, natural colored rugs are often preferred by decorators and designers. Easy to use neutral tones not only provide the perfect backdrop for the strongest moments of color and pattern, but they can also create a great color combination.

Going one step further, by also choosing a natural material, it has many benefits. There are a few natural carpet options to choose from. It's still incredibly versatile and can be used in many different color schemes, and adds a mood-boosting sense of sunshine to the room. Another alternative to natural tones, the gray carpet is perfect for giving a sense of luxury to a room.

The key is to enhance texture and subtle interest, as explained by designer Christian Bense, founder of interior design studio Christian Bense (opens in a new tab): “Instead of a flat color, we opted for a mottled gray in this bedroom project, which brings depth and life to the room,” he says. Daring underfoot can be a bit overwhelming, but it can actually be an incredibly successful way to create a room scheme with real personality and character. The key is to plan the choice of carpet in the design of the room from the start. In this cozy and comfortable, the teal carpet was the starting point and inspired the teal walls and upholstery to achieve a monochrome and “soaked” combination of colors.

Green is also a surprisingly versatile color, allowing you to create different combinations of colors around it. There are many colors that go well with green. Its adaptable nature allows you to switch between a variety of furniture and accessories, just like you would with a neutral rug. Another way to bring the benefits of nature to your home is through earthy colors, such as terracotta.

Incredibly firm and comforting, a terracotta rug is a great choice for rooms where you want to feel relaxed and calm. To create a cozy room full of warmth, decorating with a pale pink color is hard to beat. Its inherent red tones provide instant warmth, but it's soft enough to be very habitable and pleasing to the eye. Soft pink walls have become an increasingly popular option for living room walls, in particular, and opting for a rug in the same tone makes the room a room where you'll love to relax.

Do you want to take your colorful carpet adventure to the next level? Exploring multicolored options will add a whole new dimension to your flooring set, whether it's for a colorful living room or hallway. However, if you're looking to create a slightly different and unexpected look, yellows and greens offer similar versatility and, at the same time, provide a touch of color. If you want a larger design statement, the deep tones of teal and terracotta will add a touch of style. Just be sure to include the rug of your choice in your design from the start so that the other elements in the room work in harmony and don't get in the way of it.

Gray is gaining ground over brown and beige as neutral colors of choice, and Shaw's Match Play is a warm turtledove gray created to complement wooden furniture and contemporary fabrics and designs. With its uniform texture, this 100 percent polyester plush rug will keep its fabric tight year after year, reducing ball formation and detachment and resisting stains and dirt. Vegetable fiber sisal has long been a popular material for carpets thanks to its durable texture and hypoallergenic properties, with Livos being one of the most elegant sisal fabrics. Although it is available in 17 earth tones, from black to alabaster, the Livos shade of the moment is macadamia, a mix of tan and light gray tones that is ideal for both warm and cold palettes.

When it comes to beauty and durability, there's nothing better than a classic Berber rug, which features fiber loops instead of cut hair. Made from 100 percent sheep's wool, this eco-friendly berber comes in a range of neutral colors, such as vanilla, a warm ivory that doesn't fade in light-filled rooms. A soft, repetitive pattern can be the source of a secondary color that unites the room and elevates the sophistication of the neutral color. The raindrop on the LifeProof Kensington carpet uses the pattern in the form of a continuous arc to introduce brushed nickel into a fabric that would otherwise be pearlescent.

This floor also has the R2X system for resistance to stains and dirt, so you don't have to worry about a light-colored carpet on your feet. Darker colors better hide gaps between different pieces of carpet. The two best neutral tones for carpets that are the most versatile for decorating are green, gray and beige green. While hardwood floors are the number one choice for living and dining rooms, many of my customers continue to choose carpets for their bedrooms, stairways and family rooms.

In this case, you are looking for the best pink, beige or brown rug to match the one you already have. Dark gray walls: You'll probably want to “open up the house a little” and choose a lighter colored carpet. The reason I've given you two examples (above) is because there are probably more rugs in different shades of pink-beige than any other neutral rug. If you already work with many pink and beige finishes, such as travertine, or if your finishes and upholstery are all taupe or violet gray in the gray trend, and you don't plan to change them, the best thing is to combine your new carpet with them.

A carpet that is good at repelling stains is not necessarily good at being good at being resistant to dirt. However, if you need to install carpets in your home and you're overwhelmed by sample tables, or you're just not sure which neutral tone would work best with the rest of your finishes, try our consultation on RENOVATION or NEW CONSTRUCTION DESIGN here. Gently remove those 4-6 small samples of carpets from the board (whatever you think “might” work). Choosing a carpet color that doesn't show dirt can be a challenge, especially if you want it to match the decor and style of your home or a particular room.

K&H Design had such a positive response to this rug that they decided to launch a retail extension of their interior design studio called No Straight Lines, where the rug is available for purchase in eleven different color combinations. . .

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