Will carpet installers move furniture?

Most installers will move furniture as part of the installation. Check with your installer first if you have larger items, furniture or large appliances, as you may need to arrange for a third party to move them. Your installer will be responsible for removing and disposing of old carpet. You'll need to move your small items, such as lamps, televisions, or any other fragile object, before the installer arrives.

Your overall goal is to move any object that may break while making the installer's job easier. This will speed up the installation process. First of all, removing furniture from a room requires additional labor and time, which our installers will need to consider. Our free furniture moving service doesn't apply to extremely large, heavy, or fragile items.

Belongings, such as porcelain display cabinets, aquariums, pool tables, pianos and safes, must be removed before the appointment to install the carpet. Owners are also responsible for moving smaller objects, such as wall art, electronic devices and lamps, in addition to removing clothes from closets and emptying furniture, such as shelves and cabinets. Stretching a rug is a different process than removing and replacing it completely, and therefore has different requirements. If the carpet you chose is out of stock or takes longer to ship to your location, there may be a longer waiting period.

Maybe you've opted for the hardwood you've always dreamed of in the dining room, or maybe you're renovating the carpet in your beloved family room. As defined by Home Depot, a basic installation means that the contractor will install the carpet on the existing subfloor using existing adhesive strips. They'll also suggest a local professional installer who is familiar with your carpet and has the necessary experience to install it in your home. It also saved you the trouble of continuous moving and possible damage to objects if you place carpets in several areas of your home at the same time.

Home Depot customers can choose from a wide selection of carpet styles and tones at prices that fit their budget. Once you've chosen your carpet, we'll work according to your schedule to confirm an on-site inspection. Basically, if you move the furniture over the carpet too quickly, you'll nail the back of the carpet onto the wet glue. The Home Depot offers the best price for homeowners, so they can confidently choose their new carpet and prepare their home for installation.

Homeowners usually choose to improve their carpets after they start showing signs of wear and tear, such as stains, damage, and odors. Once you've installed the carpet in your home, it's natural to want to reinstall it right away. You'll need to wait approximately 24 hours before placing the furniture back in the newly carpeted rooms. You can also change it as part of any interior renovation or redecoration of the room, or if your carpet has become outdated.

They'll send you an estimator to measure your space and determine how to minimize waste to maximize your carpet.

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